Bio-Active Project

Project name: Bio-Ativo: Valorization of edible oils as bioactive agents to combat the COVID-19 pandemic

Project number: 049265

Project code: CENTRO-01-02B7-FEDER-049265

Main objective: OT1 - Strengthen research, technological development and innovation.

Intervention Region: Central Regional Operational Program

Lead Promoter: Ecoxperience, Lda

Approval date: 06/24/2020

Start date: 04/01/2020

Completion date: 03/31/2021

Total Eligible Cost: 123,378.04 EUR

Non-Refundable ERDF Fund Incentive: 98,702.43 EUR

Project description: EcoX proposes to develop a new family of sustainable biocidal agents through the valorization of used cooking oil (UCO) to overcome the alarming shortage of quaternary ammonia, necessary for the production of hygiene and disinfection products used in combat to COVID-19 disease.

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