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About detergents

Is it safe to use detergents obtained with EcoX solutions?

Yes. EcoX cleaning products – when the methods of use described on the label are fully followed – are safe to use in a home or professional environment as they have been laboratory tested by certified scientists.

In the specific case of the SOAPY ® Kit, dermatological tests were also carried out by external entities to prove its safety for adults and children.

Why should we recycle used cooking oil?

Frying oil should never be drained down the sink drain or into the toilet, as it has a negative impact on our homes, the public network, the climate, the aquatic environment and the soil.

According to data from Quercus, one liter of used cooking oil is enough to contaminate one million liters of water (a quantity sufficient for a person to survive for 40 years).

If they use used cooking oil to make detergents, won't this also contaminate the water?

No. Oil in its normal state is, in fact, contaminating because when it does not mix with water it creates a layer on the surface, preventing the exchange of oxygen with the atmosphere and the entry of solar radiation into the water.

With EcoX solutions, the oil is completely transformed into fatty acids and glycerol which, in turn, are miscible with water and 100% biodegradable.

Many detergents on their labels indicate that they are biodegradable. How are yours different?

Saying that a product is biodegradable – whether liquid or solid – does not reveal the conditions under which this can happen, namely time.
Ideally a product should decompose into by-products when left in the environment and this should happen within a short period of time.

As a rule, for a detergent to be considered biodegradable, the surfactants that constitute it must be 60% degraded after 27 days. The surfactants used in EcoX formulations are highly biodegradable, degraded by microorganisms found in nature. Depending on the environment in which it is found, 60% of it biodegrades naturally in less than 24 hours after use. This happens because the absence of branches in the structures of the carbon chains in EcoX detergents largely facilitates the degradation carried out by microorganisms in the environment.

Can I use any oil in SOAPY®? And can I use it right after frying?

EcoX solutions are developed and tested in the laboratory to work with different oils such as vegetable oil, peanut oil, sunflower oil, soybean oil, corn oil and olive oil (olive oil).

You can use it right after frying. However, the oil must cool to room temperature. After cooling, you should filter any solid particles using a napkin or strainer to ensure you have oil suitable for the EcoX process.

After using the mixer or hand blender in the SOAPY® process, can I use it to cook?

Yes. The process of transforming cooking oil used into cleaning products will help to sanitize the mixer or hand blender.

However, we recommend that you wash the moving parts with plenty of water at the end of use.

When carrying out both SOAPY® experiments, do I need to buy another kit?

No. When carrying out the kit experiments, you can just choose to purchase a refill of the same kit or another SOAPY® kit and thus reuse the remaining kit material, such as glasses, gloves, tank and spatula.

About order

Where can I buy EcoX detergents?

Detergents can be purchased in the online store or in partner stores located in various parts of the country.

You can check which one is closest to your home in the "Resale" tab.

How can I make a purchase in the online store?

To place an order on the EcoX website you can do it in two ways:

  • Place the order without having to register;
  • Place the order by registering with email.

You must select the desired products, add them to the shopping cart and, finally, finalize the order with all the mandatory filling and payment details. At the end of the purchase, you will receive an email with the order details.

What payment methods are available?

You can pay for your order via Mbway, Bank transfer, Paypall and Viva Wallet.

What is the delivery time for an order?

Delivery time varies between 2-3 working days.

What is the shipping cost?

Shipping costs are available when simulating a purchase or at the end of the order. Costs vary depending on the volume of products chosen.

However, for cleaning kits and purchases worth €40 or more, shipping costs are free to mainland Portugal.

I received an exchanged product. What should I do?

When a product is wrongly exchanged, you must send a photo of the product(s) or your order and mention which product was sent in error to the email .

After verifying the email, we will resend the correct product at no additional cost to you.

My order arrived damaged. What should I do?

When the product(s) are damaged during transport, you must send a photo of the product(s) or your order and mention which product was damaged to the email .

After verifying the email, we will resend the product at no additional cost to you.

About your account

How does the EcoXpert points program work?

The EcoXpert program works from the moment you create an account on the EcoX website with your email and password.

When you create an account you immediately earn 100 points and for every €1 you earn 2 points. By leaving your opinion on each product you will receive an additional 50 points. All the points you have can be exchanged for discounts on products. As? When you check out your order, the option to convert them will appear.

I forgot my password. What can I do?

In the Login area, you must access the link that says “Forgot your password?” and follow the steps indicated to generate a new password.

How can I return packaging through the Re-EcoX program?

Don't have the option to buy in bulk? The Re-EcoX program is for you: it's free and allows you to reuse all 0.85L, 5L and 20L containers.

Prepare your empty packaging in a box and fill out the DPD form , selecting the option for collection at home or delivery to a pickup point.

I want to receive exclusive news, discounts and information. How can I do it?

To receive all EcoX circular news, you can subscribe to our newsletter in the bottom footer of the EcoX website.