More than upcycling detergents, your cleaning experience

Your house cleans without you needing it
of thousands of packages.


Fast deliveries

Low environmental impact

Guaranteed effectiveness

A natural, low-impact cleaning.
Because you deserve a unique experience.

Your future is clean, over and over again
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Cleaning gives you discounts

EcoXpert Program
Buy your upcycling detergents and earn points, which you can exchange for discounts.

How it works?

Create your account
You start to become an EcoXpert when you create an account on the EcoX website with your email and password.

Earn points and exchange them for discounts
All the points you earn will be accumulated in your account until you exchange them for discounts. Find out how many points you have accumulated using the Eco-Points icon (in the bottom right corner) and exchange them in the same place.

How to earn points?

Create account: 100 points

Orders: 4 points for every €1

Earn €5 for every friend you convince to make their first purchase with EcoX

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Reuse packaging without leaving home

Re-EcoX Program
Don't have the option to buy in bulk?

The Re-EcoX program is for you: it's free and allows you to return all 0.85L, 5L and 20L containers.

How it works?

Prepare your empty packaging in a box and fill out the form below, selecting the option for collection at home or delivery to a pickup point. Print the label, stick it on the box and proceed according to the option you chose.

Upcycling detergents: what does this concept mean?

Products that reduce the impact of cleaning on several levels.


EcoXpert points program

Earn points and
exchange for discounts!

Free Shipping

With any purchase
equal to or greater than €40

(only in mainland Portugal).

Re-EcoX Program

Give us yours
packaging for free.