Christmas is a special time, not only because of tradition, but also because it is a time when the family comes together to share love, affection and happiness.

This year, you can avoid consumerism, which appeals to quantity rather than the value of gestures, and offer sustainable gifts. Those sustainable gifts that can make someone change their habits in favor of the planet, that are thought out in detail and that can help local businesses.

Discover our tips for sustainable gifts.

The sustainable gifts you can give this Christmas

If you want to change some habits of the people you love the most, there's nothing better than offering them the change, right?

If you simply want to offer ecological gifts to reduce your footprint on the environment, these tips are also for you.

The stainless steel bottle is an idea to keep!

This type of bottle does not have the same components as plastic bottles (which can release microplastics into the environment) and allows drinks to maintain the temperature, hot or cold, without altering their flavor. Furthermore, they are reusable!

Offer a vegetable garden in a bag or a miniature tree

Did you know that you can offer a bag with different aromatic herbs, edible flowers or fruits? At Life in a Bag you can choose from several sustainable solutions that allow you to create a mini vegetable garden at home. This small sustainable gift can also be fun and educational for children.

Orange, lemon, lime… these are the fruits that you can have in a small vase. For those who live in an apartment and don't have the opportunity to have a tree, Citrina has several options for plants and pots. This gift, in addition to being sustainable, is multivitamin.

Offers the possibility for someone to (re)read

One of the ecological gifts that can be simple to give but complicated to choose are books! With various literary genres there are several books for sale second-hand and you can give them a second chance to be read.

Choose a voucher for 100% biodegradable cleaning products!

Vouchers are gifts in which you can choose an amount for the person to buy whatever they want in a specific store.

Bamboo toothbrush

Traditional toothbrushes are made of plastic, which is difficult to recycle due to its components (nylon bristles, plastic handle and metal inserts) that must be properly separated.

However, bamboo brushes have emerged as an option, which have a biodegradable handle and the bristles can be recycled.

Wooden toys

Nowadays there are thousands of children's toys made from plastic, but why not opt ​​for wooden options? Educational games, figures, among others that allow you to stimulate learning, the fitting of pieces, motor dynamics, and interaction between the family.

Wooden toys last longer and do not break as easily as plastic ones, thus avoiding the possibility of the child getting hurt by a broken piece.

Furthermore, they can be more ecological if they are produced through sustainable plantations.

Soapy Kit

Still on the educational side and aimed at children: the Soapy Kit is an educational kit that promotes the transformation of used cooking oil (UCO) into cleaning products.

This reusable kit saves 200 thousand liters of water and promotes recycling and family interaction.

Solid shampoos

The amount of plastic we use can also be reduced in shampoo packaging!

Solid shampoos are already an option for many people and are a sustainable gift suggestion that can be vegan and organic.

Provide an illustration

In addition to supporting the great Portuguese talents, who need it more than ever today, you offer a personalized and unique souvenir to your loved ones: just choose a photo and choose the illustrator you like most.

And for those who need clothes?

Clothing can also be one of the sustainable gifts: there are several Portuguese brands that value sustainability in their clothing items, such as Näz , which promotes a minimalist lifestyle and works closely with factories to develop sustainable products.

You can also choose to buy second-hand and MyCloma can help you with that choice!

Christmas Hampers

You can also opt for Christmas sets or baskets with various ecological products. Pegada Verde gives you several options for sets for hair, for relaxing, for taking a break and many others.

Which of these sustainable gifts convinced you the most?

Author: Daniela Matos