This year, your 31st could be different! So that you can have a sustainable New Year's Eve Joana Moreira gives you some very relevant ideas.

New Year's Eve is one of the biggest nights of celebration around the world, parties can range from watching the countdown on television to all-night parties in the street, where in some places you can see fireworks.

New Year's Eve, like Christmas, are festive times that end up being more consuming than any other night. Of course, when we're not the ones organizing the party, we have less control over how to ensure celebrations are more environmentally friendly. However, there are always small things we can do, such as encouraging recycling, or encouraging less food to be made, so if we are all more aware of the choices we make during these periods, we will improve.

Ideas for a sustainable New Year's Eve

  • We all want to celebrate the New Year. However, the horns and all the extras normally never go past midnight. So, instead of buying, create your New Year's accessories, when it comes to creating noise, there's nothing like an old pan to start a jam session.
  • And the Confetti? Yes, those confetti that half a year later still find themselves in the middle of the sofa, it's another festive addition that we can create, with the wrappings that would go in the trash and a hole punch. Nothing like reusing!
  • On New Year's Eve, we all usually want to feel good and well dressed! But sometimes we buy pieces that we will only use on special occasions (or once a year), so this New Year's Eve, if you want to buy, look for conscious and national brands (there are already lots of options). The second and most sustainable option is to use or transform what you have in your closet. There is still a third option which is about renting clothes (although I have the feeling that this is something that is not done much in Portugal, or is it?).
  • This night is different in many parts of the world and makes you want to explore and have new experiences! If you are thinking about traveling, make sustainability one of your requirements, so when looking for hotels or activities you should look for those that are more environmentally friendly. There are already several platforms that can help you make a more conscious choice in this regard.
    If you already have a plane ticket purchased, you can always find out how to offset your CO2 emissions this festive season!
  • And what are your New Year's resolutions? Well, take advantage of what’s coming and make a commitment to being more sustainable. It may seem more difficult than it seems and every gesture counts, even if imperfectly. That's why here 's a checklist with 30 tips on how you can adopt a more sustainable lifestyle.
    Break your ultimate goal (being more sustainable) into small steps, such as using your reusable water bottle, reducing electricity waste, committing to eating less meat and wasting less food, switching to eco-friendly cleaning products, etc. others.

A few simple changes can make your New Year's Eve sustainable, and your next year a little more ecological and conscious, without losing the glamour, love and fun!

Authorship:  Joana Moreira