The bathroom is one of the places in our home where we must be more careful when cleaning, not only because it is a place where there is usually a lot of humidity, but also because it is where we do our hygiene and the probability of bacterial proliferation is high. .

But how can I be careful? What products should I use to clean the bathroom for the best comfort and cleanliness? Find out here which products you should use in each area of ​​your bathroom.

What products should I use to clean the bathroom?

When cleaning the bathroom, it is important to adapt and dedicate each product to each specific space to achieve effective cleaning. In the following image you can see which products to use to clean the various surfaces.

Bathroom with numbers that indicate what type of product should be used to clean that area
  1. WC Cream: this product was developed for washing bathroom dishes. With abrasive agents, this cream is capable of effectively removing limescale residues and various dirt, including grease.
  2. Multi-surface: you can use it to clean mirrors and glass. You can also use it on bathroom dishes after using the cream toilet, as this multipurpose product gives a final touch of shine.
  3. Floor detergent: suitable for tile and wooden floors, it is the best option when we want to clean our bathroom floor and give it a finishing touch with a pleasant smell.
  4. Multisurface degreaser: recommended for cleaning walls in general to remove grease. If the walls have a lot of limescale and/or residue, clean them with WC Cream initially before using the Multisurface. If there is mold on the walls or ceiling, the best option to use is Vinegar, as it is a great ally against this type of dirt.

Some tips for you

  • What if your bathtub joints or tiles are dirty? Clean first with cleaning vinegar;
  • If you want to disinfect surfaces, toilets, mirrors, among others, use cleaning vinegar after cleaning with the products previously presented;
  • If the toilet cream is not enough to eliminate limescale (this can happen in very hard water!), use Vinegar as a supplement to eliminate it.

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