Have you done the math on the number of machines you make per week and per month? In addition to organizing your clothes to reduce this number, you also save electricity by washing clothes at low temperatures. Find out the advantages.

Why should I wash clothes at low temperatures?

By taking care of your clothes and increasing their durability, you increase your savings, as you will have less need to buy new clothes, and you preserve the environment by reducing textile waste.

These are also the advantages of washing clothes at low temperatures.

Clean and refreshing clothes

By washing at a low temperature (around 30ºC) in the washing machine you can have clothes as clean and fresh as you need.

With developments in washing machines and also in detergents, such as EcoX ecological laundry detergents, it is possible to achieve good performance when cleaning your clothes at these low temperatures.

Increase the durability of your clothing items

Washing clothes at low temperatures causes your fabric to wear less and maintain its colors for longer.

Help the environment and your wallet

According to the same initiative mentioned above, reducing the average washing temperature of everyone in Europe by 3ºC is equivalent to eliminating the emissions produced by around 700,000 cars.

As heating water consumes more energy, washing clothes at low temperatures not only reduces the release of CO2 but also reduces energy costs.

Clothes that can be washed at low temperatures

There are several items of clothing that you can wash at 30ºC, such as outerwear (skirts, trousers, shirts, dresses,...), beach and table towels, curtains, socks and upper underwear.

However, there are some items that require deeper cleaning (between 30ºC and 40ºC), such as bath towels, underwear and sportswear.

Despite all these ideas, it is important to check the labels on each item of clothing and the information mentioned.

Author: Daniela Matos