With a new image that reflects our connection to water, sustainability and your future, we also chose to bring you new packaging with a design recognized worldwide.

We continue to work together to bring you effective and safe cleaning for your home and our entire ecosystem through circular models: more than recycling, we reuse.

The Circular Experience: more than just detergents, we are the cleaning experience

We give you a circular experience from the start: you can deliver your used cooking oil to some of our partner stores while you can buy just the amount you need of ecological detergents made from that same oil.

With the circular experience we prepared for you, we were able to:

-50% resource extraction

We avoid the extraction of natural resources: We reduce (by +50%) the extraction of natural resources to produce our products, obtained under the most demanding quality (ISO:9001) and environmental (ISO:14001) standards.

Collection of UCO with lower impact

We promote and help clean up the negative impacts of used cooking oil on our homes, public networks, soils, the aquatic environment and our climate.

We collect your oil, both from the public network and from the oil stores we have in our partner stores.

Plastic as part of the solution

We value plastic, because it is part of the solution. We have created unique packaging for our products, according to their quantities, so that you can reuse it over and over again with your favorite product or aroma over and over again.

Over and over again, forever

After being used, the packaging is sanitized, qualified, filled again and placed on the market.

We allow you to give us the packaging to refill or you can have a bulk experience in our stores.

Circulate from content to packaging

To be able to use and reuse them over and over again, the packaging was consciously thought out and designed in plastic, with 50% recycled material in its composition.

This material offers a much longer life and reuse period than any other material, which would possibly end up in the trash after one or two uses.

The packaging also won the GOOD DESIGN award from The Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design.

The bottles were designed and thought to:

  • Easily wash and refill with any EcoX product
  • They adapt to any usage scenario: you just need to change the lid.
  • Fewer emissions in transport = improving the ecological footprint of transport.
  • They are ergonomic and adapted to use: they do not slip as easily as glass.
  • The translucent plastic allows you to control how much detergent you have left.
  • They are recyclable: after many uses, if the bottle does not fulfill its function, you can place it in the Yellow Ecopoint.

If you don't have an EcoX partner store near you, you can also reuse your packaging: just send it to us when you receive an EcoX order, and we will refill it and send it back to you.