If in 2019 they said that in 2020 the world would stop for days you probably wouldn't believe it. But the truth is that it stopped and changed the way we live and, in many ways, how we think.

The appearance of COVID-19, perhaps anticipated by the “Pandemic” series, brought a new normal to our lives that completely changed our daily routines: from contact with people, through hygiene and travel, and ending with teaching and work activity.

4 protection tips for your daily life

From the moment you leave home until you arrive, many of your steps have changed with the arrival of COVID-19, right? Discover the 4 tips for protecting yourself with ecological Alcohol Gel for your daily life.

Get home safely

When you go out to public places, whether to go shopping or simply to hang out with a close friend, before entering the house it is important to disinfect your hands with Alcohol Gel.

This is because outside the home we always touch surfaces that can be vehicles for contagion, especially those that are touched by many people and very frequently throughout the day (for example, elevators, light switches, sink taps, tables, chairs, door handles , ATM terminals, among others).

Identify a specific place near the various entrances to your home to place a dispenser of ecological Alcohol Gel so that when you enter you can immediately disinfect your hands.

To complement this tip, you should also take other precautions at home to combat COVID-19, such as washing your hands, identifying a specific area at the entrance for clothes and shoes and regularly and frequently cleaning the house.

Always get in and out of the car with disinfected hands

The car is one of the means of transport in which it is essential to always have some disinfectant with you as it is the means by which you travel most regularly between different locations. You should take some cleaning care with your car and you can also always have ecological alcohol gel with you to disinfect your hands whenever you need.

Feel protected in the work environment

Another protection tip with ecological Alcohol Gel is in the work environment. According to the General Directorate of Health (DGS), each organization must have a cleaning and hygiene plan for its facilities to keep its employees protected and safe.

Having a bottle of Alcohol Gel near each employee is an added value for individual and collective protection, as there are shared places such as canteens and bathrooms and it is necessary, in addition to washing your hands, to disinfect them if necessary. if you touch any object after washing.

According to the DGS, “(…) professionals in their workplaces should be concerned about maintaining the routine cleaning of surfaces, especially those that everyone touches frequently.”

Always carry Alcohol Gel in your suitcase or backpack

Having this product in your bag or backpack is always useful for situations where you might need it, such as in public places, before entering your home or car.

Ecological alcohol gel? Yes! Know your benefits

After learning some protection tips with ecological Alcohol Gel, get to know the product we are talking about and the main benefits it has:

  • Immediate and effective hand disinfection: Apply a dose to your hands (2-3ml), massaging and paying attention to your fingertips, nails and the space between your fingers until the product has completely evaporated.
  • Moisturizing power: after regular and constant use of EcoX Gel Alcohol, your hands may become drier and rougher. But what if we told you that this new product has hydration capabilities? It's true, the fact that it is made with a soap base allows for hydration and protection of your hands.
  • 100% biodegradable: another of the benefits of EcoX Alcohol Gel is that it is a natural and ecological disinfectant. When becoming a new element in each person's daily routine, it is important that it is a product that does not have much environmental impact, due to the fact that protecting the planet is increasingly essential and a priority. Ecological Alcohol Gel is obtained from used cooking oils, meaning its components are quickly biodegradable.
  • Practical use: Due to the fact that it is a single liquid solution, it can be placed in packages of different sizes that can be refilled whenever necessary. It is a product that can be carried in the car, inside any suitcase or backpack, placed on a surface at the main door of the school or each classroom, among others.

It is important to note that the use of Alcohol Gel is a complement and does not replace the need to wash your hands correctly in accordance with the instructions of the General Health Directorate, at times when it is possible to do so.

After knowing all the tips for protecting yourself with ecological Alcohol Gel, which one would you put into practice most regularly?