Cleaning products live with us: they help with the daily cleaning of dishes, they give cleanliness and softness to our clothes, they leave our bathroom clean and shiny, they give a touch of greater transparency to mirrored surfaces and they also leave our car ready for everyone. the moments.

Despite helping us with one of the tasks that provide a greater feeling of cleanliness and comfort, not all of them are friends of our planet and, consequently, influence our future.

This aspect is due to the fact that not only its composition but also the production process means that conventional detergents have a negative impact on the environment.

Who is EcoX?

With the aim of giving used cooking oils a second life by following one of the R's – recycling – and solving the negative impact of conventional cleaning products, EcoX was born. What is your production process like? How does it differ? What are its advantages?

At a time when the impact of our actions has a high cost for the planet, what we can do is adopt more sustainable measures and attitudes in our daily lives. Recycle, Reduce, Refuse, Reuse and Rethink are the 5R's of sustainability.

And why not start by using ecological detergents produced by using waste?

EcoX can be the power of cleaning and comfort in your life, with innovative and sustainable solutions through the recovery of waste: it is the first company in the world to produce ecological detergents made from waste – from used cooking oil – using a technology based on the circular economy.

They are produced from raw materials of plant origin, which makes them highly natural and biodegradable. Its degradation occurs in two phases: 60% occurs in less than 24 hours due to the absence of complex carbonate chains, the remaining 40% decomposes within a few days after use.

How are EcoX ecological detergents produced?

In a year, around 35 thousand tons of used cooking oil go down the drain in Portugal and WWTPs spend around 300 million euros to remove it from the water. This is waste that has several impacts on our homes, public networks, the aquatic environment, the soil and the climate.

EcoX's production model solves two problems: the negative consequences of used cooking oil and the impact of conventional detergents.

It reduces the waste of virgin active material by around 50% and also avoids the extraction of raw materials and their separation as well as storage and distribution (and the transport costs that all these processes have).

What are the advantages of the brand?

Through the circular economy, EcoX is moving towards a more sustainable future with the production of ecological detergents, which, consequently, means that its advantages are also several:

  • Protects thousands of liters of water from contamination
  • Reduces the extraction of natural resources
  • Reduces CO2eq emissions

There are several EcoX advantages not only for domestic use, for the professional sector and for the educational sector.

Innovation and environmental awareness go hand in hand at EcoX and we want you to be part of this change so that we can take care of the future together.