Windows, glass doors, mirrors in the bathroom and bedroom, tables, pictures, tiles, counters... All these surfaces exist in your home and need regular cleaning to stay clean and shiny.

In addition to normal dirt, if you have children and animals at home, it is normal for certain surfaces to appear marked. But how to clean the windows and mirrors in your home? How to clean stained glass and mirrors?

We give you some tips to take care of them in the best possible way and without difficulties. Find out everything in this article.

How to clean the windows? Step by step

There is no single, magical formula that will make your windows always clean, but the way you clean, the products you use and the quantity you use can increase this chance (which is not impossible!). Find out, step by step, how you can clean your windows:

  1. Remove, with a dry cloth, most of the dust that may be on the glass;
  2. With a few drops of cleaning vinegar, it removes dirt and grease that may be on the glass, as well as accumulated stains;
  3. Dry the glass: remove excess water and vinegar with a microfiber cloth;
  4. Spray the Citro Multisurfaces ecological detergent regularly on the surfaces to be cleaned;
  5. Wipe the surface with a dry, soft cloth, let it dry and then wipe it with a dry cloth again. You can also use paper to add shine.

We also give you some useful tips to help you clean your windows.

Clean your windows when the sun is not looking at them

We know that the sun is always welcome in our days, but it can be a factor that makes cleaning the windows difficult.

Why? When it hits the glass, it causes the cleaning detergent to evaporate and can leave stains on the surfaces. The morning and end of the day are the best times to do this cleaning.

Newspapers are not good friends for cleaning

We always hear advice, especially from our grandparents, to clean the windows with newspaper paper, but this can leave even more stains due to the ink from the printing.

Microfiber cloths? Yes.

Microfiber cloths are great for cleaning windows as they do not release lint and allow for even drying.

How to remove stickers from windows?

If you have children at home or some glass came with specific stickers, it is possible that there may still be some traces of the sticker.

But to eliminate them completely, it's quite simple: just use a cloth with vinegar and rub gently.

And how to clean mirrors? How to remove stains from mirrors?

Mirrors are a type of glass that also gets dirty easily, either with your fingers or with drops of water when you are in the bathroom washing your hands.

Now there are also mirrors to decorate various rooms in the house and these also need to be cleaned to reflect their beauty.

The way to clean mirrors at home is similar to glass, but it can be simpler if there are no traces of grease:

  1. Before applying the product, you must remove excess powder from the mirror;
  2. After cleaning, spray Citro Multisurfaces ecological detergent on the cloth you are going to use;
  3. To finish, wipe the mirror with a dry, soft cloth.

If your mirror is greasy, you can wipe it with a soft, damp cloth and a few drops of cleaning vinegar.

You can clean mirrors at least once a week to avoid dust accumulation. And don't forget that you shouldn't throw water directly onto the mirror because it could damage the material or even the frame itself.

Vertical and horizontal movements are the most recommended for cleaning windows and mirrors. Why? This makes it easier to see if there is any area that needs extra cleaning and you don't need to clean both sides again.

The ecological multi- surface detergent: ideal for cleaning glass and mirrors

How to clean windows and mirrors? The multipurpose ecological detergent is the solution itself. Add a touch of beauty to your windows and all mirrored surfaces, tiles, showcases and counters with this product.

With Multiusos you also embrace multi-concern for the environment: it is a 100% Portuguese ecological detergent that comes from the reuse of waste, used cooking oil, which makes it biodegradable.

This ecological detergent easily solubilizes dirt, due to its high concentration of solvents, eliminating them and leaving surfaces clean and shiny.

Now that we've given you some tips for cleaning the glass and mirrors at home, you can also give the first of several ecological cleaning touches to your glass and mirrored surfaces. We know that the environment also likes you to take care of them! We count on you?

Author: Daniela Matos